Terms & Conditions

Energy India A company having its Registered Office in -Delhi Road Moradabad herein after referred to as "the Company The Company is inter-alia into the business of Direct Selling of various products such as White Goods, Consumer Durables etc. The Company exclusively uses website to display the details of the products, marketing methods, business monitoring, while uses the word of mouth publicity to promote and create awareness about the company and its products.

The Company does appoint freelance distributors across the country for marketing and sale of products. Such distributorship is granted as privilege to the consumer of its products. Interested individuals/body corporate needs to purchase the products upon they being satisfied with the quality and services they can become a freelance distributor of the company, if they wish to by applying for the same in the prescribed form.

Before filling the application form, the intending Distributor is advised to go through the terms and conditions mentioned herein below thoroughly along with those mentioned in the official website of the company during placing an online order and subject to such terms and conditions shall append their signature in the column provided as a token of their acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned therein.

The following words used in these presents shall have the meaning as defined hereunder;

a.     Company Means Energy India , having its registered office at Delhi Road Moradabad, UTTARPRADESH.

b.    Consumer - Consumer means individuals who purchases products from Energy India or its authorized franchisee.

c.     Independent Distributor - Independent Distributor is the person who is competent to enter into contract as per the Indian Contracts Act provided, such interested person has purchased products from the Company and opted to participate in Business opportunity.

d.    Person - Shall mean and include male, female who applies for the Distributorship of the Company

e.     Product & Packages - Shall mean and include all the products and suggested bunch of product marketed by the Company from time to time.

f.     Manufacturer - Means and include Manufacturers of the products marketed and sold by the Company from time to time.

g.    MRP & GOSP - Means and includes Maximum Retail Price printed over the price tag appended to the products and www.krenterprises.com Selling Price in which price consumer and distributor will get products from company or its authorized franchisee.

h.     Facilitation Incentives - Facilitation Incentives is the amount/benefit an Independent Distributor may earn by marketing/referring the products of Energy India

i.      Distributor ID - Means unique identification number issued by the Company to the Consumer/Independent Distributor and is issued to Independent Distributor as a token of acceptance of his application seeking for distributorship for the products of the Company.

j.      Password - Password means, unique code allotted to each of the Consumer / Independent Distributor to allow them to log on to the website of the Company

k.     Product Code & Packages Code Means and include the defining the product and bunch of packages which has decided by company.

l.      Website Means website of the Company www.krenterprises.com


Solemnly affirm and declare as follows:

1.     That I have read and understood the terms and conditions for 'Independent Distributorship "of the Company.

2.     I have also gone through the company official website, printed materials, brochures and convinced about the business and I have applied for the Distributorship on my own volition.

3.     I declare that I have not been given any assurance or promise by the company or its senior level Distributors as to any income on account of the product purchase made by me. However I am made to understand that I will be eligible for income / facilitation fees depending upon the volume of business done by me, as per terms and the Company reserves the right to change the Business Plan at any point of time.

4.     I undertake not to misguide or induce any one I shall not misguide any one and appraise them the terms and conditions for anyone to become a distributor to join the company.

5.     I hereby agree and adhere to the terms and conditions as stipulated along with the application form and as mentioned above to agree to purchase the product as Consumer/to do the distributorship business.

6.     I hereby agree to submit all disputes to arbitration as provided in the terms and conditions of the company.